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SAMI Is Partner of SMART PATENT 2019 Innovation Ideas Fair

On 11–12 December 2019, the National Library of Belarus hosted the SMART PATENT Innovation Ideas Fair. The representative forum was organised by the Economy Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Centre for Youth Innovations non-governmental organisation, and Minsk City Technopark LLC. State Authority for Military Industry of the Republic of Belarus (SAMI) was a partner of the event together with EMAS Business School, Lean LT, Skolkovo Foundation, the Belarusian Innovation Fund, the Business Incubator of the High-Tech Park, and the Chinese-Belarusian innovation centre for the commercialisation of scientific and technological achievements of the Great Stone Industrial Park. The organisers’ general idea was to popularise innovative activities, obtain state and grant support, and develop education in the field of strategic management and lean manufacturing.

They managed to solve the tasks set. The forum was attended by over 600 representatives of state administration, science, education and business, several dozen scientific experts in the field of managing innovative companies and industrial organisations from Belarus, Russia and Lithuania, as well as representatives of scientific and innovative laboratories, organisations and foundations, technology transfer centres, and government bodies. Among the visitors there were many who wanted to implement their innovative project with state support or with private capital.

The SMART PATENT exhibition of innovative projects was held within the framework of the fair. The exhibition presented projects in the field of medicine, IT, biotechnology, energy, industrial technology, chemistry and nanotechnology.

SAMI companies’ latest solutions, which were offered at the exhibition, included such products as the IRMA PLUS glucose meter with speech support of the glucose measurement procedure for patients with diabetes (MINSK RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF RADIOMATERIALS JSC); the Groza-R radioelectronic gun for fighting multicopters (KB Radar JSC – Managing Company of Radar Systems Holding); multi-purpose video monitors for harsh operating conditions (Display Design Office JSC); the Rubezh (Frontier) barrier system for riot control (Agat – Electromechanical Plant JSC); equipment for mobile robotic and unmanned systems of radiation monitoring and environmental control (ATOMTEX Scientific and Production Unitary Enterprise of MNIPI JSC). All these projects were selected by an expert commission, and are unrivalled in the country. The products have good competitive advantages, and a number of them are already mass produced.

Display Design Office JSC, which has been specialising in the development and production of information display systems for harsh operating conditions for more than thirty years, presented a line of its latest video monitors for medical facilities and air traffic control services. Each video monitor compares favourably with its predecessors. The UVD 24-inch video monitor for air traffic control services has a low ripple ratio of backlight brightness (not more than 5%), which provides a dispatcher with more comfortable conditions for carrying the service, reduces fatigue and overall load during long-term operation. High resolution UHD 4K allows you to simultaneously display several video signals from various sources and display all the necessary information on the screen, thereby greatly expanding the integrated application of the product.

Display Design Office JSC also presented video monitors with extended colour gamut that meet requirements for colour reproduction for medical and surgical monitors.

In total, the range of products manufactured by Display Design Office JSC includes about 130 items of video monitors and special-purpose computers with screen diagonals of 0.6 to 110 inches. The use of special circuit and design solutions and technologies allows the company to provide a wide range of operating temperatures by the criterion of dynamic information readability (–55...+70) and high resistance to various external factors (humidity up to 100%, multiple vibrations up to 6g and single vibrations up to 500g).

KB Radar JSC – Managing Company of Radar Systems Holding has developed several modifications of its Groza electronic warfare systems designed to combat UAVs, including mass-produced multicopters. It should be noted that Belarus occupies a very serious niche in this field. Belarusian scientific and technical solutions are quite relevant today, and KB Radar is one of the five world’s developers of such products.

KB Radar presented a serial model of its Groza-R mass-produced portable radioelectronic gun designed to counter multicopters. The gun incorporates technologies that allow you to use it specifically against a particular device and exclude the possibility of its illegal actions without harming other consumers and sources of GPS navigation or radio navigation. The product’s competitive advantages are its range (jamming of the UAV control channel – up to two km), continuous operation time (at least one hour), live monitoring and recording of operator’s actions.

Given that now small-sized UAVs are widespread not only in the armies of various countries, but also among terrorist groups, KB Radar’s product can hardly be overestimated.

An innovative project involving investments in production of new-generation IRMA PLUS glucose meters was presented by MINSK RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF RADIOMATERIALS JSC. The glucose meter provides voice support of the procedure for determining the concentration of glucose. The meter is controlled with one button, information about the operating modes is displayed on the LCD. The product is second-to-none in the country and has already passed sanitary-hygienic and clinical state tests.

ATOMTEX, a subsidiary of MNIPI JSC, can rightfully be called the leading research and production centre in Belarus and one of the world leaders in the development and production of equipment for nuclear measurements and radiation monitoring. The company is considered one of the best in the field of nuclear instrumentation in the CIS, and is highly regarded worldwide. ATOMTEX is one of the stable suppliers of nuclear measuring equipment for the needs of IAEA, СТВТО, UNDP and other international organisations, as well as the Rosatom state corporation (Russia). ATOMTEX’s innovative products displayed at the fair included the AT2341 radiation monitoring station for radiation and weather control in the zone of influence of nuclear power plants, dosimetric and spectrometric intelligent gamma radiation detection units for use as part of stationary and mobile radiation monitoring stations and robotic devices for ground, air and marine applications.

About a hundred representatives of SAMI and almost all of SAMI companies — chief executives, their deputies for development and heads of marketing departments — attended the Strategic Management Session from EMAS Business School under the Executive MBA programme (Russia). Andrei Kolyada, rector of EMAS Business School and one of the best experts in business strategy, strategic management and leadership, spoke about the modern promotion of business strategies and strategic management that allow successful development in modern markets.

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