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Results summarised, tasks set

On 31 January 2014, the collegium of the Belarusian State Military Industrial Committee (Goscomvoyenprom) held a session in the Peleng company. Led by the committee’s chairman Sergei Gurulyov, the collegium summarised commercial results of Goscomvoyenprom companies in 2013 and defined the measures to provide sustainable development in 2014.

The session was attended by competent officials from the Belarusian Defence Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, State Border Committee, Interior Ministry, Goscomvoyenprom’s management, heads of Goscomvoyenprom ogranisations and their deputies, as well as

directors of leading Belarusian defence companies.

In his report Sergei Gurulyov dwelled on the key lines of defence industry’s development and summed up the 2013 results.

According to Gurulyov, in 2013 Goscomvoyenprom focused on improving management efficiency, implementing the state military-technical policy and creating favourable conditions for defence industry. The key goal has been achieved and Goscomvoyenprom companies have met their development parameters.

In the course of the year, the companies accomplished 33 research and development works in five state sci-tech programmes (subprogrammes) and state scientific programmes.

The Belarusian Armed Forces received 17 new and upgraded types military and special hardware.

Chairman of Goscomvoyenprom Sergei Gurulyov pointed out proactive work of the Geoinformation Control Systems Holding, which has strongly raised its efficiency, implemented advanced software-based management techniques and promoted cooperation ties.

As major achievements, Gurulyov marked the completion of R&D projects ‘Radioline-UAV’ and ‘Development of a Ground Control Console for a 100-km Unmanned Aircraft System’.

AGAT — Electromechanical Plant executed its contracts for the delivery of the P-261 Muskat mobile communication centre and the R-434 Tsitrus radio relay station.

The Control and Communication Systems Holding productionised the R-180 Bekas, P-181 Rapsodia and R-101–5MN Ivolga digital radios and fielded the systems to the Armed Forces.

The Radar Systems Holding was pretty successful, too. Its Vostok-D radar passed state tests and entered service with the Armed Forces. The company also supplied GPS jammers, calibration devices for mobile communication systems and other equipment.

Within the Grif-1 project, the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant developed and productionised a UAV airframe, powered by an internal-combustion engine and featuring a range of 100 km.

MNIPI (ATOMTEX) developed and productionised a nuclear reconnaissance system for tactical UAVs (the Gamma-1 R&D project).

The head of Goscomvoyenprom also mentioned positive results achieved by the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT), Peleng, 558th Aircraft Repair Plant, KB Display and AGAT — Control Systems, management company of the Geoinformation Control Systems Holding. The

abovementioned companies have fully implemented their modernisation programmes for 2013, aimed at setting up the production of high-tech export-oriented products and reaching the required revenue per employee level by 2015.

Among the key events in 2013, Sergei Gurulyov pointed out the practical demonstration of the BAK-100 unmanned aircraft system and the Soldier — Combat Systems combat gear at the Zapad

2013 Belarusian-Russian strategic exercise, as well as the high-level exhibition of indigenous innovative defence products.

Despite the timely accomplishment of a number of R&D projects, Gurulyov noted that the companies failed to complete all the plans due to some objective and subjective reasons. The head

of Goscomvoyenprom expressed his discontent with the management of the Communication and Control Systems Holding, which failed to provide break-even operation of its Tekhnika Svyazi (Communications Equipment) company and reach the planned production volume.

Over 11 months of 2013, the industrial companies featured the return on sales at 14.2% (11% predicted). The energy saving index in 2013 amounted to –7% (–6% predicted).

The volume of exports shows steady growth. While in 2011 the annual growth rate in exports of goods amounted to 105%, in 2013 the annual growth rate in exports of goods stood at 118.7%

and the foreign trade surplus grew by 12.7%.

The volume of industrial production shows dynamic growth. In 2013, it increased by 1.5 times.

Good foreign trade results determine the profits of Goscomvoyenprom companies. Over 11 months of 2013, the revenue per employee reached Br392.8 million. Net profit increased by 1.3 times.

This allows the companies to develop, upgrade their production facilities and motivate the leading professionals.

The following companies were named the best in 2013:— among Goscomvoyenprom holding companies — the Geoinformation Control Systems Holding;— among industrial companies — the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant and the 558th Aircraft Repair Plant;— among scientific organisations — Peleng and KB Display;— among special exporters — Belspetsvneshtechnika.

As was mentioned by Sergei Gurulyov, in 2014 the priorities will be given to creating favourable conditions for defence industry, setting up a forecast planning system for development and production of advanced military hardware both for the Belarusian Armed Forces and foreign customers, carrying out comprehensive modernisation of Goscomvoyenprom companies, creating basic requirements for Goscomvoyenprom’s development till 2020, as well as elaborating the concept of Belarus’ military-technical policy till 2020 and Goscomvoyenprom’s development plan till 2020.

The stake in the implementation of innovative policy was made on large modern multi-level vertically integrated structures. This approach has stood the test of time.

In 2014 Goscomvoyenprom will continue establishing a more sophisticated integrated structure — the Beloboronprom Corporation, as well as the Control and Communication Systems Holding, a merger of AGAT — Control Systems JSC and AGAT-SYSTEM JSC.

The committee sets the priority on the following forms of cooperation: coordination within the framework of R&Ds, participation in interstate programmes and projects, setting up of techno-

logical platforms and interstate innovative corporations, as well as establishment of a common innovative scientific space relying on a harmonised industrial policy.

Judging by the results of 2013, Sergei Gurulyov awarded Goscomvoyenprom’s Certificate of Merit and the 10 Years to Goscomvoyenprom badge to a number of managers and employees of the committee, its companies and the whole defence industry.

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