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Goscomvoyenprom grants annual science and technology award

Goscomvoyenprom has summed up the results of its science and technology competition for 2013 and held the awards ceremony. The event was held within the celebration of the Day of Belarusian Science at AGAT — Control Systems JSC, management company of the Geoinformation Control Systems Holding.

The company also hosted an exhibition of military and dual-use products (promising solutions), developed by Goscomvoyenprom organisations.

At their stands, 12 Goscomvoyenprom companies presented over 70 full-scale examples, mockups, as well as printed and audiovisual ads of their serially produced or promising products: tactical small range UAVs, 5th and 6th generation communication systems (man-portable and on-vehicle ones), future soldier solutions, electronic warfare assets, calibration and repair equipment for radio electronic systems, micro and microwave devices, rugged computers, pocket, wrist and tablet PCs, elements of a personal optical-electronic system (helmet-mounted displays and the PK-17 tablet PC), dosimeters, spectrometers, etc.

Addressing the guests, Deputy Chairman of Goscomvoyenprom Igor Bykov noted that on the eve of the 2nd Session of Belarusian Scientists our defence industry was facing an important challenge — to formulate to the scientific community the breakthrough lines of fundamental and applied research, which would help us to make even more sophisticated solutions and provide high edge to

Belarusian companies in the international market. According to him,

the most progressive scientific ideas have historically been concen-

trated in the defence sector.

Igor Bykov pointed out the following key tasks to be solved by scientific divisions of Goscomvoyenprom companies over the up-coming years: making scientific studies and technological innovations called for by the manufacturers, creating an advanced scientific and technical reserve, updating the legal base for scientific/technical and innovative activities, pursuing efficient public-private partnership that would promote the development and production of military and special hardware, taking direct and indirect measures to promote scientific/technical and innovative work, improving the education system in the field of science and technology, supporting scientific research and experimental development in the priority areas of arms development while taking into account the global trends, sharing knowledge and technologies with the civil sector of the economy, developing baseline military technologies, as well as making military and dual-use solutions and expanding their employment.

Goscomvoyenprom realises the importance of promoting science and technology in order to be able to make highly competitive cutting-edge military solutions.

In 2013 alone, Goscomvoyenprom raised over 50 billion Belarusian rubles ($5.63 million) to fund R&Ds within the framework of state scitech programmes. About the same amount of own funds

was spent on the projects by Goscomvoyenprom companies.

Great attention is paid to personnel issues. At present, Goscomvoyenprom organisations employ 78 Candidates of Science (Ph. D. equivalent) and 13 Doctors of Science. To replace the retiring professionals, the scientific organisations provide postgraduate distance education for the most talented specialists (there are currently 24 of them) and attract MA holders.

Over 80 R&D works were being carried out in 2013, and about half of them were successfully completed. A number of the running projects are dedicated to the development of systems and technologies that are in demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

All the works were performed under a closed loop system of R&D, which includes introduction of the scitech results in the economy.

In 2013 Goscomvoyenprom supervised four subprogrammes (Special-Purpose Versatile Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Radio Navigation, Radio Communications, Radio Electronics 2), as well as the Electronics and Photonics state research programme.

The subprogrammes imply the development of versatile unmanned aircraft systems with a range of 100 km, military and dual-use radio communication systems, transport vehicles and radio electronic equipment (from measuring instruments to phased arrays for air defence systems).

In 2013, Goscomvoyenprom financed 15 works from its innovation fund, eight of them were successfully accomplished.

Thus, AGAT-SYSTEM, management company of the Communication and Control Systems Holding has developed the technology of producing modern digicom systems, developed a field IP phone and a modulator of digital TV signals in the DVB-T2 standard.

The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT) has developed the MZKT-500200 military cross-country road-size chassis with an independent suspension. Two of its prototypes are undergoing

state tests in the Pinsk Border Detachment and the Grodno Border Group.

AGAT — Control Systems has carried out the Raskat R&D work (Soldier — Combat Systems infantry combat system), which resulted in the development of several variants of personal combat gear.

The kit fully meets contemporary requirements to soldier’s combat gear, brought about by the changing nature of warfare.

Being an element of the tactical C4 of the Belarusian Army and Special Operations Forces, the infantry combat system is designed to enhance information exchange in a subunit and facilitate coordination of the subunit’s members by their direct commander by means of computerised data processing and two-sided communications.

The Lida Buses Nyoman company has designed and manufactured the Nyoman 520123–250 bus. This comfortable bus comprises modern design and top-notch technical characteristics, reliability and quality.

The vehicle is powered by the Deutz diesel engine and has the ZF six-speed gearbox. It is intended to be used as a suburban passenger bus.

Proceeding from the 2013 results, next year scientific (scientific and production) organisations are to complete the trials of their new solutions and start productionising them.

MNIPI and AGAT — Control Systems were named the best in terms of R&D in 2013.

According to Igor Bykov, the best solutions from Goscomvoyenprom companies competed for the 2013 science and technology award.

Goscomvoyenprom certificates were awarded to the teams of re-searchers that won in each of the six nominations.

The Best Military and Special Equipment Solution award was conferred to AGAT — Control Systems for its work, named Development of a Mobile Radio Relay Station (the R-434), and to KB Radar for the Production and Fielding of the REB-N R-330KB Control Post.

The Best Import Substituting Solution award was given to MNIPI for its work, named Development and Productionising of a Kit of New-Generation Instruments for Calibrating and Repairing Radio

Electronic Equipment.

VOLATAVTO’s Development of the MBP-24–200 Mobile Rapidly Deployed Platform was recognised as the best project in the field of progressive technological processes and resource-saving technologies and equipment.

AGAT — Control Systems became number one in the Best Civilian Solution nomination for its work, named Development and Introduction of the Simulator for Training Specialists of the Metro Rolling Stock Department.

In the Other Products nomination, the award was given to ATOMTEX (a MNIPI subsidiary) for the Development and Implementation of Integrated Automatic Systems and Radiation Monitoring and Security Solutions.

Developed to the modern level of science, engineering and technology, the new systems meet international standards and feature efficient measuring techniques, top-notch componentry and pro-

gressive circuit, algorithmic and software solutions. Their developers have widely applied IT technologies, design automation techniques and precise metrological assurance.

The products are applied in automated radiation monitoring systems (RMSs) at dangerous areas and nuclear energy-related production facilities, radiation control posts of uniformed services, RMSs

used by radiation laboratories of metrology institutes and medical establishments specialising in radiotherapy and radionuclide diagnostics, X-ray detection systems, etc.

The products have been included in national registers of measuring instruments of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria.

Most of the systems have been productionised and have already been supplied to Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and other states.

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