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AGAT – Control Systems JSC has upgraded the MRS-A1 mobile robotic system

The MRS-A1 mobile robotic complex (MRS), developed by AGAT – Control Systems JSC – Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding, is capable of solving a wide range of tasks. The complex can be used for remote engineering works with the use of a manipulator and attachable equipment (payload modules), solving tasks of visual reconnaissance, environmental monitoring to detect adverse factors and radio activity as well as explosive vapors, shifting cargo of various applications.

The new version of the mobile robotic system presented at MILEX-2021 differs from the first version delivered to the customer three years ago. A panoramic observation device has now been added to the complex. There is a video camera installed in it and controlled in elevation and azimuth, which greatly enhances the visual reconnaissance and control capabilities of the mobile platform when overcoming obstacles   under conditions of limited visibility.    

The product’s communications system has been upgraded to increase its jamming immunity and enhance operation in overhead rooms by increasing transmit power, using a new antenna type and adaptive application of frequency modes.

The design of the remote control console has also been fundamentally changed, providing comfortable operation of the system with the help of two precision joysticks and special buttons. The ergonomic control panel in the form of a briefcase was designed for the MRS operator.

The design is based on a small multifunctional mobile platform with extension flippers that enhance the MRS terrain performance. To perform assigned tasks the mobile platform can be equipped with a wide range of payloads and technical sensors that provide simple MRS control by the operator and better terrain navigation.

The MRS is equipped with a multifunctional multilevel manipulator, which can be used for precision transporting and primary inspection of suspicious objects, and as a tool to increase the MRS cross-country performance and when overcoming obstacles.

The MRS power supply system ensures autonomous operation of the mobile platform and control device for at least 4 hours if the ambient temperature is above zero. The batteries can be promptly changed in the field conditions.

Additional devices with RS485 and Ethernet interfaces can be connected to the mobile platform and manipulator.

The high cross-country capability of the chassis, combined with wireless communications, allows the MRS to be used effectively both in open ground and indoors, as well as under the conditions of jamming effect.


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