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Kidma tech OJSC

Kidma tech  OJSC

Address: Room 20, Administrative Building, 187, Soltysa St., 220070, Minsk, Belarus

Tel.: +375 17 396-15-16 / +375 17 362-40-79

Site: https://kidmatech.by/

Kidma tech OJSC  is a manufacturing company developing and producing optical and optoelectronic sights, observation devices and systems, simulators, navigation equipment, self-propelled robotic systems, small arms for civil and military use, silencers for small arms. The company also deals with the modernisation of military equipment and of short-range air-to-air guided missiles.

The aim of the company is to succeed in the field of military and civil developments using advanced technologies. Working on integrated control systems, Kidma tech OJSC uses its own algorithms based on computer-aided learning and neural networks, which allows processing huge amounts of data in real time without human participation.

To ensure accurate positioning and control of various products, including guided missiles and ammunition, the company is engaged in the development and production of strapdown inertial positioning systems used in constructing high-precision geoinformation systems for navigational tasks.

As a result of fruitful cooperation with leading educational institutions, training systems and complexes, including those with VR headsets, which guarantee full involvement in the learning process, have been developed and successfully implemented.

Using the advanced technologies in the field of electronics and video processing, Kidma tech  OJSC  modernises various missiles and artillery guided projectiles.

Within the framework of the development of optoelectronic systems based on high-sensitivity video cameras and thermal imaging modules, the company produces different sights for small arms and armoured vehicles, as well as portable and stationary observation, detection and positioning devices. Modern small arms and parts to them are developed at a small arms laboratory and production area. The availability of state-of-the-art equipment and high-skilled personnel with the experience in the development and use of small arms makes it possible to create new samples of pistols and rifles and to perform assembly processes with quality control at each stage.

Production facilities deployed at cantonments allow the maintenance and repair (including complete overhaul) of military vehicles, armoured vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and surface-to-air missile systems. A full cycle of development and production allows creating integrated systems, flexibly interacting with each other.

Kidma tech OJSC successfully cooperates with foreign countries and has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier. Every year its long-term cooperation with permanent partners is strengthening and the number of new ones is growing.

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